Our Temperature Monitoring System has been specifically designed and engineered to help businesses meet today’ s demanding temperature-sensitive requirements. We offer
a low cost, sophisticated multi-sensor array, which in turn means better intelligence.


refrigerated temperature monitoring

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real-time alerts

Our refrigerated temperature monitoring system delivers convenient, real-time temperature data right to your desktop or mobile device. Know exactly when temperatures drop below or rise above your predetermined points so you can take action the moment your cargo is compromised. 

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Temperature zones

Instant temperature alerts and live, viewable temperature readings empower fleet operators with the information they need to ensure safe and successful operational practices. 


product integrity

Proactively prevent spoilage with active alerts about temperatures that are out of your customizable range. Reduce rejected perishables and ensure FSMA compliance with evidence of maintained temperature control through our Refrigerated Temperature Monitoring System.


facility temperature monitoring

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Monitor temperatures in stationary areas such as storage and processing facilities, walk-in coolers, freezers, and cold cases. With help from the NovaAssure platform, our facility cold chain monitoring system collects and stores temperature data in centralized cloud-based storage where alerts and compliance reports
can be automatically generated. Additional features for the system include:

  • Incident Alerts & Reports

  • Multiple Sensor Capabilities

  • Real-Time Temperature Status

  • Cloud-Based Data Transport & Storage

  • Automated Alerts straight to your mobile device or laptop

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