Our Personal GPS Tracking solution provides an ideal way for families and business owners to keep track of their family members or employee staff. Whether your children are off to school or some of your employees are off site working, our personal GPS tracking solution can help you locate your personnel in real-time, give immediate alerts when they have an issue as well as historical reports to see their activity while you are away.

nova iphone personal tracking.png


see where your device is going or where it has gone with our historical reports and 90 day trend feature.


Get Real-Time alerts when your personal tracking device
has entered or left the geofencing location.


Using GPS tracking technology with NovaAssure to gather location information in real-time.


Personal gps tracking details

personal tracking device dble.jpg


  • GPS Location Tracking

  • Voice Response Capabilities

  • Geofence & Wifi Enablement

  • Intelligent Power Saving Mode

  • Historical Reporting & Location

  • IP 66 Rugged / Weatherized Device



  • Low Cost / Easy to Use

  • 24/7 Alerts & Improved Customer Service

  • OTA (Over The Air) Software Updates

  • Waterproof / Weatherized Case for
    Harsh Environments

  • Tracking from anywhere

  • Battery Low Warning



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