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Nova Mobile Systems facility management solutions is a perfect blend of hardware, sensors, our IoT Asset Management Platform and facility management systems. The solution allows facility managers to manage, attend and resolve every issue generated by occupants along with generating the essential insights in order to enhance the efficiency of the building or operation. If one is thinking of parameters like energy efficiency, cost reduction or improving occupant experience, Nova Mobile Systems facility management solutions can be the missing piece of the puzzle one might be looking for.

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What is Facility Management?

Outsourcing of non-core building management functions, privatizations of business operations, occupants’ experience management, tenant relationship management and business re-engineering are encompassed in the matrix of facility management. Although facility management is often mistaken as the design stage of a new building, it is related to the operations going on in the building. The in-house facilities management is responsible for managing the organization, the people, and the workplace to attain a fully functional smart building environment.


How IoT and analytics are enhancing facility management

A facility manager is always occupied with some task or the other and always has his hands full with responsibilities to ensure the proper maintenance of the building. He may also find himself entangled in managing the balance between safety and cost-effectiveness for tenants and owners. Somehow, the facility provider fails to attend every request generated by different tenants and cannot efficiently track or attend to the issues.

So what can be done? How can a facility manager effectively attend and resolve the issues requested by tenants?

Well, this is where our IoT solutions and analytics platform comes in handy.

Digitalization has changed the perspective of a user and a supervisor of how a building is portrayed. Our companies mobile systems technologies, wireless sensors, devices and data analytics platform have revolutionized how a tenant and a facility manager interacts with each other to manage the operations of a building or facility.



Improve tenant experience

To retain a customer, all his needs must be fulfilled and in order to make it possible, it’s required that the facility manager is able to attend every service request efficiently. IoT and analytics in facility management have the ability to provide real-time data to the facility manager. This, in turn, helps the occupant to get top-notch facility at minimal costs.


Prevent inappropriate changes

A building equipped with IoT and analytics devices prevents inappropriate changes, like unauthorized access to your facility management system. IoT and analytics enable companies to keep greater control over their environments while still allowing authentic occupants with user-access.


Real-time tracking of assets

As we discussed earlier that facility management is the matrix of perfectly blended services and physical assets, so, for better facility management, tracking and monitoring of assets is as important as taking care of facilities of the occupant. With IoT enabled devices and analytics, a facility manager can locate, monitor and allow access to the assets deployed for an occupant. IoT and analytics allow a facility manager to monitor assets like HVAC, escalators, ventilators, smoke detectors, etc.


IoT and analytics let you do more with less

One of the many benefits of IoT and analytics in facility management is the ability to do more with less. Well, this means that the applied technology reduces energy reliance and optimizing the workforce of facility management companies. Employee standards are changing and the roles of facilities managers are evolving too. According to an independent report by Gartner, 25 percent of all businesses are using a chief digital officer as an extension of traditional facilities managers and have increased the efficiency in providing the quality facilities and service to the occupants by 50 percent.

These benefits are the major reasons that are boosting the implementation of IoT and analytics in modern buildings.

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