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Nova Mobile Systems builds the most powerful tools for managing your vehicles, trailers or wherever your assets might be. Whether you are scaling up your current fleet, starting a business or assembling an event, Nova’s GPS Tracking Systems and devices are meticulously designed with unmatched functionality to help you create the best possible solution for your goals.


personal vehicle gps tracking

We make tracking personal vehicles very simple. Our easy-to-use NovaAssure Platform and IoT enabled devices can have you up and tracking in minutes.
With our technology, you can easily:

  • Know the exact location of vehicle

  • Pinpoint whereabouts of family drivers

  • Monitor teenager driving habits

  • Locate vehicle if stolen or unaccounted for

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Commercial Vehicle template.jpg

commercial vehicle
GPS tracking

Stay connected to your fleet and your drivers to significantly reduce operating expenses with Nova. Our GPS tracking technology provides an affordable means to:

  • Optimize delivery routes

  • Explore fuel efficiency by tracking driver data

  • Historical reports of on-time deliveries/delays

  • Monitor driver behavior


industrial vehicle
gps tracking

GPS location tracking with Nova provides industrial equipment owners the ability to better manage their industrial fleet. With our trackers, you can easily:

  • Protection against costly theft

  • Avoid vehicle breakdowns and idle time

  • Ensure operations run smoothly and without interruption

  • Monitor fuel efficiency and safety habits

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we support all vehicle types

  • Sedans

  • SUVs

  • Crossovers

  • Vans

  • Trucks

  • Taxis & Limos

  • Service Vehicles

  • Cargo Vans

  • Box Trucks

  • Delivery Vehicles

  • Emergency Vehicles

  • Dump trucks

  • Semi-trailer trucks

  • Tractors

  • Bulldozers

  • Snowplows

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