We offer a range of wireless IoT connectivity solutions that service
providers, clients, partners and resellers can leverage across their
customers’ respective industries.


transportation & logistics

By leveraging devices to track equipment and vehicles, enabling every worker to stay connected to critical data, transportation and logistics businesses can effectively plan their time, become more cost-effective, and uphold compliance with various regulations.


utility & telematics

Maintaining a reliable network connection so that real-time information can be accessed by remote employees separated by sometimes thousands of miles is critical. With help from the worlds leading telecommunications partners, maximizing network connectivity through the use of IoT enabled solutions makes your business operations easier to facilitate on all levels.



Help make faster, more confident maintenance and safety management decisions with real-time information that can be remotely accessed by managers and facility operators. With help from our IoT enabled devices and sensors, keep your hospitality businesses in order with GPS Location Tracking, Vehicle Management Solutions, worker Safety and Personal Tracking options which can all be managed through our NovaAssure Platform.



Whether you’re looking to build your own IoT-enabled smart farming solutions or source IoT management systems, we can help with everything from design to hardware to connectivity to maintenance – with support from sensor to sunset. We take care of the technology, so you can focus on what matters: feeding the world.



Our IoT connected devices can improve day-to-day customer experiences, with the flexibility to keep providing their services securely and at a scale customizable to your businesses regular operations. Stay up to date with real-time reports and alerts on all of your remote battery powered assets.



Businesses in the construction industry can leverage IoT enablement and M2M connectivity to securely manage lines of communication from job sites to the equipment it takes to get the job done. We help our customers and clients gain important information on the assets and machinery that help create the worlds leading smart cities.


oil & gas

Increasingly, forward-thinking oil & gas organizations are focusing their IoT initiatives on underlying sensors, connected devices, and "smart" things to more on developing bold approaches for managing data, leveraging IoT infrastructure, and developing new business models. With solutions like Remote Asset Management and Fuel & Fluid Tank Monitoring these new business models can run more efficient with less calculated downtown for potential maintenance.