Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Nova’s products & services enhance the customers overall business strategies?

Serving as a trusted, independent advisors, our IoT management capabilities start with comprehensive strategies and understanding of your IoT readiness. We work with you to think through all IoT considerations and complexities – from understanding your objectives and developing strategy, to determining your technology requirements, to establishing the right organization and governance in your business – ensuring a successful IoT product that improves business outcomes.

2. What are some of Nova’s asset management capabilities and how do they apply to the customers overall goals?

A key pillar for a strong IoT foundation, Nova provides business and technology application enablement services, supported by a broad IoT ecosystem. Flexible capabilities allow you to deliver unique business applications to maximize value. Our location-based services (LBS) deliver robust tracking, reporting, and asset management capabilities. In addition, Nova leverages multiple data elements from internal systems and external access points across the globe for transparent visibility that helps inform fact-based, predictive decisions to drive ROI.

3. How do Nova’s reporting & analytics features work?

Nova enables you to capture data for key business metrics, including vehicle status, asset health, job efficiency, operator compliance, and real-time asset interaction. With a better understanding of your data traffic patterns, you gain valuable insights to proactively assess the value of IoT deliverance. Instill confidence in your IoT deployment and make the right decisions for your business to optimize operational costs and efficiencies.

4. Does Nova consider the endpoint lifecycle of its products and services?

Whether your IoT solution uses tablets, smartphones, sensors, or other varieties of devices, Nova
is a comprehensive execution partner for IoT projects, ensuring a successful deployment from inception to completion. Our broad range of professionally managed services fortifies the lifecycle of our IoT solutions – from procurement through activation of endpoint devices, to end-of-life disposition service options. Our sustainment and support services ensure IoT endpoints are properly maintained and meet application service requirements, while quickly addressing issues with advanced exchange and replacement capabilities to keep your companies operations running smoothly.

5. What areas of improvement can I expect with your products & services?

This will vary by fleet practices and leadership. The company leaders must first be willing to use the data to make decisions or hold drivers accountable. ROI requires a commitment to change with policies to support the program and the strength of leadership to enforce the policies.

Typical areas of improvement include:

  • Reduce fuel expenses resulting from a host of reasons

  • Reduced accidents

  • Improved productivity & accountability

  • Reduced regular and overtime wages for the same amount of work.

  • Improvements in fleet maintenance expenses with fewer miles and lower maintenance costs.

6. What is involved in the GPS/asset device installation process?

Installation is a very important component of a successful deployment, especially for large fleets. This is a step that is often glossed over during the sales process. A good partner will discuss the GPS install plan in detail and demonstrate 1. experience 2. an organized plan. Simply saying it is not an issue is not good enough. As with everything, there are limitations and requirements that impact you. Additionally, you need to know how service work is done and what happens when you move a device to a new vehicle. For more info on this please contact support or fill out our contact us form.

7. Why do Product & Service prices vary in the IoT industry?

With lower prices come fewer services, features and options. Low price leaders typically don’t have as many staff members or resources to support you after the sale. They may have a great sales person or a cool application but ROI is achieved after the honeymoon period is over. Knowing your partner is charging you enough to provide the resources you need shows you that they have a good business model. A win-win relationship is required to be successful; just like you have with your customers. Pay more, get more, and expect more ROI.

8. What is GPS fleet tracking and how does it work?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. At present, the commercial applications of GPS tracking are many. GPS fleet tracking, specifically, enables fleet managers to locate, track, and monitor their fleet of vehicles on a real-time basis.

How it works?

A GPS antenna is connected to a GPS asset device with a lead wire, typically 10-15 feet in length. The unit is then attached to the object (vehicle, trailer, or asset) to be tracked. Using the antenna, the Nova Assure GPS software transmits the trilateral satellite location data to the unit.

This unit can detect and process events like harsh braking, harsh turning, and the crossing of specified speed thresholds. This information is relayed to the Nova Assure GPS secure servers, where it is processed and delivered to authorized parties (dispatchers, fleet managers, etc.). This enables authorized users to view events and locate vehicles, trailers, and other assets in real time (and on any device) with the Nova Assure dashboard.

9. Is a Nova Mobile Systems GPS tracking system easy to install?

Installing a GPS tracking unit is quite simple. The vast majority of our customers install the systems themselves. Installation involves simply connecting the device’s power wire and mounting the GPS antenna. Should you require the assistance of an installation specialist, we will connect you with one via our support rep if needed.

10. What is the NovaAssure asset management platform?

The NovaAssure asset management portal is used for IoT inventory and life-cycle management of an organization’s location-based hardware and physical assets. NovaAssure gathers detailed information on IT assets such as vehicle Location, hours of usage and trends in a companies operation which can then be used to determine managerial decisions, inventory control and fleet operations.

11. What are the benefits of the NovaAssure platform?

Nova’s asset management portal helps automate some of the processes involved in tracking and managing IT assets, and helps organizations avoid difficult or costly operational issues. NovaAssure can help control costs by tracking daily and weekly use to ensure that organizations are aware of upcoming maintenance, and reallocating unused assets to help refine operation trends. Nova’s asset management software can also track how a company uses specific equipment and hardware over time, which allows users to make more strategic purchases and operational decisions for their organizations.

12. How do I purchase a product or service from Nova Mobile Systems?

If you are looking to purchase one of our products & services we recommend the customer begins by reaching out to a few of our sales reps in regards to what business needs will fit the specific product you are looking for. If you do know exactly what product or services you are looking for and want a quicker point of purchase use our web-store by clicking the “SHOP” button in the top right hand corner or the Navigation Bar.

13. What is the average battery life for wireless device?

Nova’s average device battery life depends on the specific device you need for your business operations. The standard lifecycle of a devices battery is between 1-3 years and for longevity purposes we offer hardware capable of a 10 year life span.

14. How do I identify my device is not working? How to identify my device is working properly?

  1. Positioning, device must be label be facing downward

  2. Flashing green light - lost GPS location positioning

  3. Amber flashing light - no cell network

  4. No lights, replug in device and if not working call support

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