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Nova helps you track real-time location and improve service vehicle management by remotely monitoring and alerting you to critical conditions as they happen. While you focus on your business, Nova’s Service Vehicle Management System is gathering location data, vehicle conditions, hours of service, unauthorized use and much more from your ATV’s, Golf Carts, Event and Security vehicles.


Solution Features


IMProved security

- Suspected Theft
- Unauthorized Use
- Tampering / Power
Disconnect Alert

easy setup

- 30 Minute Setup
- Preconfigured with
Customer Info
- Standardized Reporting
& Alerts

Improved efficiency

- Hour of Service Overage
- Group and Type Locations
- Upcoming Maintenance Reports
- Real-Time GPS Location



Our Service Vehicle Tracking Solution combines GPS & cellular network technologies to provide you with the real-time location of your service or event vehicle as well as daily run times and hours of service for any number of vehicles in your fleet.

Unauthorized Use