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IoT enabled smart devices mean increased productivity and lower costs for any business or industry sector, small or large. We offer our own specialized devices with Multi-Sensor capabilities, connected through the worlds leading telecommunication carriers to provide the best in-class connectivity. After your data has been collected it is then transferred to our cloud-based NovaAssure asset management platform for you to view and help refine your businesses daily operations.

Along with that, Nova provides its customers and clients with state of the art hosting facilitation and applied machine learning through artificial intelligence to acquire the most critical information in real-time from your companies operations. Start exploring our IoT
enabled smart devices below.


we help our clients be more productive
with the power of iot enabled technology

Nova can support multi-layered activities through various communication
platforms. Visualizing data, machine learning automation and remote
asset management are only a few functionalities that companies
can use to be more productive in the same time frame, all
while using less resources and man power.


we’re partnered with the worlds
leading network providers

Together, Nova and its partners work with customers around the world, to implement mobile IoT enabled solutions for each individual business application. All of our partners are renowned for combining the industry leading expertise and innovation you need to achieve the most from each and every IoT deployment.

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multifunctional services

IoT enabled Bundled solutions

As a leader in the IoT industry, we offer our customers a range of bundled products to suit your businesses needs. Whether it’s a multifunctional service or a paired device to any of the sensors we offer, our company prides itself on the basis of having a plethora of options on global networks like LPWAN, NB-IoT and Cat-M so that the customer feels right at home but not to overwhelmed.


the connectivity your business needs

connect, collect and protect your assets


Automation and remote control access means better use of resources, making your business
operations run smoother with our IoT Connected devices.


With our 5 step process for IoT connectivity, Nova’s IoT enabled smart devices and applications provide fresh insight into your products, processes and services.


Customized data collection from various connected sources, analyzed and composed into real-time reports for increased operations efficiency and real-time data protection.


nova assure

iot enabled solutions made simple

platform features

Our award winning IoT platform brings complex business assets into one customizable
dashboard, connecting everything that can be measured, controlled and assigned
in the same place. Get to know our IoT platform’s main features.

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